Taking Up Space
Concept & digital illustration
Almost Magazine submission
My last project of 2020 was a personal piece created in response to an open brief by Almost Magazine, ahead of their upcoming Space issue.

Looking over photos from the last few months, I loosely reflected on various ways myself and my friends carved out space for ourselves and held space for one another amid the claustrophobic chaos of on-and-off lockdowns.
We went on 'daily exercise walks', as we knew them then, with placards thrown together using delivery box cardboard and bamboo sticks from our garden.
We took comfort in the mudnane everyday, looking after our space, the sleepy hum of the dishwasher, the dull rhythm of the routines we were holding onto to maintain some sence of normalcy.
Space was a scarce resource but we made do. We jokingly draped our swiss cheese plant in decorations (and left it that way for months). We shared bastardised takes on Christmas traditions from our homes.

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