Research + copy: Krzysia Balinska
The campaign was launched by POMOC (Polish Migrants Organise for Change), one of UK's leading non-profit organisations supporting the Polish diaspora, with the support of numerous migrant's rights charities and collectives, including the3million, Migrants Organise and The New Europeans.
We wanted the campaign to look colourful, fresh and more engaging than a lot of the public sector political education content we're used to, in a bid to connect with a very wide and diverse demographic. Accessibility and clarity were also key.
SheVotes 2021

ID concept: collaboration with Julia Palkowska
Research + copy: Krzysia Balinska
Working closely with artist Magda Fabianczyk and comms all-rounder Krzysia Balinska, we went through a lot of experiments before finding a visual voice for the campaign.
There were numerous considerations: our content was multimedia, bilingual and informed by our multicultural experiences. We wanted the branding to look empowering and fresh, while appealing to a wide age range. We explored colour themes historically associated with women's suffrage, but ultimately found them too limiting.
After a series of design experiments, research and public surveys, we shifted directions, opting to combine minimal, monochrome typographic elements and expressive, bold gradients.
The print campaign included large scale posters, leaflets and stickers, which were distributed throughout London, Manchester, Birmingham and numerous other UK locations.
The Open Source
Election Guide

In addition to the bilingual campaign aimed at the Polish diaspora, we collaborated with other migrants' rights campaigning groups including the3million and The New Europeans. The Open Source Guide to the 2021 Election Season was one of the key resources we created together. 
The fluid, collaborative nature of the project and the volume of the content and called for a new, clean visual approach. We broke down the 60+ page guide into colour-coded chapters with internal and external links throughout while also trying to keep individual slides vibrant and social media-friendly.
The guide was set up as a live, interactive, downloadable and shareable Google Sheets document in a social media-friendly square format.

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